How to identify the quality of red wine glasses

Choose the glass generally in the crystal cup-based, tasteless, clean, no watermark, the need for high light transmission, good wear resistance, a certain hardness, light touch when the crisp and sweet voice,of course, high-quality red wine glass and his production process.

First material. Good red wine cup is crystal clear, no bubbles, and the degree of refraction is very good. Here to distinguish between crystal cups and glass, the market is popular in most of the crystal cups are leadless crystal.
How to identify the quality of red wine glasses
Second, workmanship, good cups are generally thin, streamlined very good, generally one molding, even if the interface will not be so obvious.
Three is the sound, a good cup, such as the crystal cup, beat the sound is very melodious crisp, that white point is a strong echo
Almost cup sound is relatively boring.
Recently years,Ruixin are at a very fast developing period.In 2009,We established our first processing factory in Shenzhen.
where we can do Color Spray,Etching,Decal,Silk Screen, ect. Which are very welcomed by our new and old clients.Because head office are very close by the factory, so we can make the samples very fast.At the same time, our sales can keep an eye on the quality and delivery date at factory any time, so can communicate and give some feedback to our customers very fast and in time.
This help us to make sure 100% delivery on time,and over 98% quality report are good.
Where we can do hand painting glass, Electroplating,Mercury candle jar,Automatic color spray machine,Etching ect. This is the biggest processing factory in north of China, and have a good reputation in our business circle.
Company Name: Shenzhen Ruixin Glassware Co.,ltd
Operational Address:3rd Floor,12 building,3rd Row,Xinfa ,Shajing Town,Shenzhen,China
WhatsApp: +86 150 9994 2654
Wechat: xjp9696

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